About FAC Ltd

What makes FAC different from our competitors?

We possess highly skilled engineers and technicians who are fully trained in accordance with internationally accepted procedures, and are fully capable of executing the detailed procedures required for high performance buildings. Our prowess has been recognized both by the private and public sectors, as well as major engineering companies. We have structured our company as a one stop shop for the attainment of Green Building certification, in contrast to other consultants who outsource specialist activities such as energy modelling and commissioning management. Furthermore, we approach our projects in a manner which addresses any shortcomings of contractors and consultants not through criticism and confrontation, but by the provision of proactive assistance and advice aimed at the objective of high grade, fully commissioned, energy efficient buildings and workplaces.

Our mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive, one-stop solution to all facilities-related requirements and problems.

Backed by decades of experience gained by our staff on prestigious projects here in the Hong Kong and around the world, our standards of quality, specialist knowledge and expertise are second to none.

The following pages are designed to tell you about our company’s services in greater detail, and we hope you will be able to find answers for your particular questions therein. Please feel free to browse them using the appropriate links. However, should your needs be of a more urgent nature, or if you would prefer a more face-to-face discussion regarding your requirements, please contact us.