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solution to all facilities-related
requirements and problems.
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Testing + Commissioning :

A Quality Assurance Process...
Good quality, 'green and sustainable' buildings are the result of quality processes, from initial planning through to management, operation & maintenance.
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Our purpose is simple and straightforward:

To help developers, landlords and tenants

to achieve the Highest Levels

of performance and comfort at the lowest cost.


Our mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive, one-stop solution to all facilities-related requirements and problems.

Commissioning Authority (CxA) Services

  • commissioning20authority
  • CxA for LEED – Existing Building
  • CxA for LEED – New Construction
  • CxA for LEED – Commercial Interiors
  • CxA for LEED – Core & Shell

Commissioning ( Cx ) Management Services

    • commissioning20management


  • Building Energy Systems Cx
  • Heat Load Test ( HLT )
  • Heat Load Test ( HLT )
  • Integrated System Test ( IST )

Commissioning (Cx)Training Courses

  • commissioning20training
  • Introduction of Building Commissioning
  • Air and Water Systems Commissioning
  • Commissioning Management Process
  • Commissioning and LEED, BEAM Plus
  • More…

Recommissioning ( RCx ) / Retro-Commissioning ( Retro-Cx ) Services

  • Building Energy Audit
  • Recommissioning Plan Development
  • Recommissioning Plan Implement
  • Existing System Upgrades Implementation

Building Energy Control Reduction


  • Building Audit
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy Waste Identification
  • Energy Use Reduction & Efficiency Enhancement

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