Professional Team

Meet The Team

Gerard Mcmahon
Managing Director

Gerry McMahon established Facilities Analysis and Control Ltd. in 2005 and LEEDership Ltd in 2008. He is currently the Managing Director of these two sister companies. Gerry started his career as building commissioning professional in 1976. In 1991, he sat the examinations set by the UK commissioning Specialists association, and achieved the highest pass marks ever recorded. He has a wealth experience of building commissioning and has been involved in major turnkey projects in Hong Kong, Europe and the Middle East. Gerry came to Hong Kong in 2001 and since then has been committed to the development of building commissioning in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian countries. He promotes the concepts of integrated commissioning and continuous commissioning, processes which provide clients with high performance building service system and contribute to the green building industry. Under Gerry’s guidance, FAC has been active in a number of landmark green building projects, such as the World Financial Centre in Beijing, International Finance Center in Hong Kong, Ocean Financial Centre in Singapore, etc.

Dr. John Burnett
Technical Director

Dr. John Burnett graduated fro the University of Wales with a PhD in Electrical Power Engineering. He joined Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1974 later transferring to Building Services Engineering. He headed the Department of Building Services Engineering at the Polytechnic University from 1989 to 2002, retiring as Chair Professor in 2007. He then joined FAC as Technical Director.
John is a Fellow of CIBSE and IET, a Chartered Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer in Hong Kong. He is a member of US AEE and a qualified carbon auditor. He was project leader for the development of HK-BEAM rating systems from 1995 to 2008, including the development of BEAM-Interiors. John is an Associate Editor for the Journal Indoor & Built Environment, and has presented extensively at conferences on green building rating systems and building re-engineering. Besides Commissioning Management, Energy Auditing and LEED/BEAM Certification Consultancy Services his current activities includes Bench-marking Sustainable Building Performance and Cost Benefit Analysis of Green Building.

Warner Li
Senior Commissioning Manager

Warner Li graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering. He joined FAC LEEDership after his graduate. Warner has been trained in Mechanical T+C procedures in accordance with UK CSA guidelines. Having gained broad experience on a variety of major projects, he is fully competent in the testing and commissioning of all types of MVAC plant. Warner has successfully conducted commissioning training courses for the HK Government’s EMSD, and also companies operating in the private sector.
Warner is also a BEAM Professional (BEAM Pro) who is green building professionals trained and certified by the Hong Kong Green Building Council in all aspects of the BEAM Plus of the entire green building life cycle. A key role of BEAM Pro is to inject the latest green building standards and practices into everyday building planning, design, construction and operation. The project team can consider to invite a “BEAM Pro” to help facilitate the submission of data to the independent BEAM assessors.